The Bully Problem staged in Suffern, NY!

Bullies beware! The Bully Problem was one of four musicals produced by Suffern Clifford Theater (Suffern, NY) this summer!

This was a milestone performance in the show’s history: for the first time Kevin, Oscar, Margaret and the gang were portrayed by thespians who were the same age as the middle-school-attending characters. Needless to say, parents and others in the audience were delighted by the cast, who acted and sang their hearts out despite the pandemic-era inconveniences of masks.

In the words of director/producer Anthony Kollar: “The Bully Problem was a HUGE success! This smart, funny, heartwarming musical has some of the most upbeat music that you won’t get tired of while rehearsing. Great ensemble show that gives the opportunity for every cast member to be featured in one way or another. I am so glad I found this gem of a musical theater for my group of 10-17 year-olds. The subject is relatable to everyone in the production and audience. This will be a huge hit for any group!!”

(We’re blushing of course.)